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Dry Eye Solutions added to Spectrum range

Dry Eye Equipment

Spectrum Ophthalmics launches a brand-new range of Dry Eye Solutions, enhancing its comprehensive portfolio.

Two new arrivals make up the range. The OptiClear IPL, a state-of-the-art machine that can safely treat causes of dry eye, and a 3nethra classic HD fundus camera, used to assist in the diagnosis of dry eye disease (DED).

OptiClear IPL uses light energy to rejuvenate Meibomian glands. It ultimately unblocks the glands to relieve the debilitating symptoms. It can also improve the outcomes of other vision treatments. With a course of just four treatments, it is a fast, effective and painless treatment suitable for patients up to age 80+.

To assist clinicians with accurate DED diagnosis, the 3nethra classic HD fundus camera captures high-resolution, undistorted images of the retina and surfaces such as the cornea.

With patients of all generations experiencing some form of DED due to changing environments and increased screen time, Spectrum’s range of Dry Eye Solutions are perfect for clinicians to offer as an additional service, with full training provided to the whole team.

David Killengray, Managing Director at Spectrum, said: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Dry Eye range. We firmly believe these clinically proven products will enhance the care clinicians offer their patients, managing care from start to finish and allowing for better results.
“Providing an effective solution to dry eye, the OptiClear IPL machine is cost-effective and clinic friendly. With no additional consumable costs or click fees, it allows for a quick return on investment.
“The 3nethra classic HD fundus camera is also well worth investing in. It opens up the opportunity to diagnose DED symptoms early and accurately.”

Currently, only a handful of clinics offer dry eye treatments, with Spectrum Ophthalmics on course to roll this out nationally.

Leading the way in addressing the growing epidemic of DED is Dr Valarie Jerome, based in Newbury. She is one of the first optometrists to purchase the OptiClear IPL.

She says: “DED is one of the most common conditions I see in clinic. It has a significant impact on quality of life due to symptoms like foreign body sensation, pain, blurred vision, dryness or watery eyes.
“I always look to provide my patients with the latest in technological eye care. I am pleased I can now offer this new pain-free, effective long-term treatment for my dry eye patients.”