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IPL Eye Shields

Provides patient protection during IPL treatment.

50 pair per box.

Spectrum Arrow Latex free
Spectrum Arrow Hypoallergenic
Spectrum Arrow Disposable

IPL Eye Shield blocks the IPL flash (190-11000nm) and remains securely in place during IPL treatment.  Designed with a convenient tab, IPL Eye Shields are easy and painless to remove. These eye shields enable full access to temples, eyebrows and nose bridge and are designed to protect most orbital sizes.

  • Protecting Level:190-11000nm (OD7)
  • Eye protection, dress before IPL Therapies
  • Not fit for defective eyelids
  • Do not apply to broken skin
  • Store in a dry place without direct sunlight
  • Lifespan: two years
  1. Apply to clean and dry skin
  2. Remove product from package
  3. Separate the shields from the liner to expose the adhesive
  4. Gently peel off after use and dispose
Product information
Description & Technical Specs

IPL Eye Shields
Protecting Level:190-11000nm(OD7)
Function: Eye protection, dress before IPL Therapies