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Suoer SW-21 Delta Scan (A/B/P/UBM)

The SW-21 DELTA SCAN is a modular, innovative and high quality ultrasound instrument. You can choose any kind of ultrasound option combination for the unit and always add more at anytime.

Technical specifications
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Description & Technical Specs

Probe’s Characteristics B Scan

  • Frequency: 10MHz, Magnetic driven, noiseless
  • Scanning Mode: Sector Scanning
  • Magnify: Multi continuous magnification, Real-Time magnification
  • Resolution: Lateral ≤0.3mm, Vertical≤0.2mm
  • Geometry Position Precision: ≤5%, Vertical≤3%
  • Depth: 60mm
  • Enhance the part of vitreous body retinal
  • Gain of Probe: 30dB-105dB
  • Scanning Angle: 53⁰
  • Gray Scale: 256
  • False Color: Multi Colors
  • Measurement Type: Multigroup distances, perimeters and areas
  • Image Post processing: Multiple curves processing, Pseudo-color processing curve
  • Movies: 100 image movie, AVI JPG format image output


A Scan 

  • Frequency: 10MHz, with LED
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Precision: ±0.05mm
  • Measurement: Anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, vitreous body length, total length and average
  • Eye Mode: Phakic/Aphakic/Dence/Various IOL
  • Stat. Calculation: Average and standard deviation
  • Store: 10 Scanning results for each eye


Full Scale UBM

  • Frequency: 50MHz
  • Scanning Mode: Wide Range Sector, Scanning Mode, Undistorted, Sulcus-to sulcus
  • Scanning Range: 16mm*9mm; 10*6.5mm
  • Vertical Precision: ≤40μm
  • Lateral Precision: ≤40μm
  • Scanning Lines: 1024 Lines, 15μm between each lines
  • Geometry Location Precision: Vertical ≤3%, Lateral ≤3%, Non data interpolation, none distortion Imaging.
  • Display Mode: UBM,UBM+A
  • System Performance: It have a special independent 50μm ultrasonic amplification system make the anterior segment image clearer
  • Windows Platform: Windows System



  • Display Mode: B,B+B,B+A,A
  • Hint: Preset keyword
  • Case Search: Multi-keywords
  • Working Platform: Windows System
  • User Defined report template