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Suoer SW-21 Delta Scan

(A/B Scan)

The SW-21 DELTA SCAN is a modular, innovative and high quality ultrasound instrument.

Spectrum Arrow DICOM enabled
Spectrum Arrow A/B scan with playback
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DICOM compatible allowing export to hospital PACS and EMR.

The SW-21 DELTA SCAN is an innovative, portable, modular A/B scan ultrasound instrument with premium specifications and unrivalled-quality images. This all-in-one solution, comes with a two-in-one foldable, touchscreen laptop, allowing you to easily navigate through all software functions without obstructing your examination. Additionally, a foot switch is included allowing users to capture and save all examinations easily and efficiently.

Playback function

The hundred-frame video repeat of around 10 seconds allows the user to capture the image through the replay. Users can enhance the signal gain in the vitreous and retina through the examination. Zoom can also be adjusted during the scan.


The A-scan offers a 10 MHz probe that allows the user to choose between auto, semi-auto, and manual measurement options. Measure anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, vitreous body length and axial length.

Users can choose between phakic and aphakic IOLs while using the software IOL calculation formulas and can make additional adjustments to the gain sensitivity providing a more effective measurement.


The B scan has a 10 MHz probe and a range of gain between 30 and 105 dB.

The system’s multi-level magnification allows clinicians to choose between five levels of magnification for a more detailed and precise examination. One hundred image movie featuring AVI or JPEG format output.

Technical specifications
Brochures & Manuals
Description & Technical Specs

Suoer SW-21 Delta Scan A/B

Probe’s Characteristics B Scan
  • Frequency: 10MHz, Magnetic driven, noiseless
  • Scanning Mode: Sector Scanning
  • Magnify: Multi continuous magnification, Real-Time magnification
  • Resolution: Lateral ≤0.3mm, Vertical≤0.2mm
  • Geometry Position Precision: ≤5%, Vertical≤3%
  • Depth: 60mm
  • Enhance the part of vitreous body retinal
  • Gain of Probe: 30dB-105dB
  • Scanning Angle: 53⁰
  • Gray Scale: 256
  • False Color: Multi Colors
  • Measurement Type: Multigroup distances, perimeters and areas
  • Image Post processing: Multiple curves processing, Pseudo-color processing curve
  • Movies: 100 image movie, AVI JPG format image output
A Scan 
  • Frequency: 10MHz, with LED
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Precision: ±0.05mm
  • Measurement: Anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, vitreous body length, total length and average
  • Eye Mode: Phakic/Aphakic/Dence/Various IOL
  • Stat. Calculation: Average and standard deviation
  • Store: 10 Scanning results for each eye
  • Display Mode: B,B+B,B+A,A
  • Hint: Preset keyword
  • Case Search: Multi-keywords
  • Working Platform: Windows System
  • User Defined report template

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