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Medicontur ELON Wavefront Linking


Bi-Flex ELON

ELONgated Depth of Focus

Wavefront Linking

Central concentric refractive zones varying in curvature linked by specially designed linking zones. Continuous light energy is distributed along the optical axis with connected focal points, delivering singular elongated focus across the entire range of vision.

Bi-Flex Platform

The ELON lens is equipped with the proprietary Bi-Flex design for long-term stability and centration. The large contact angle between the lens haptics and the capsular bag wall ensures long-term stability and visual comfort.

Hydrophobic Material

SEMTE hydrophobic copolymer material, ensuring high uveal biocompatibility and low levels of glistening.

Excellent visual quality

The Medicontur Bi-Flex ELON lens provides excellent contrast sensitivity along the whole defocus range.

Presbyopia correction

Preliminary clinical experience suggests that Medicontur Bi-Flex ELON can be used in presbyopia correction in patients with mild ocular pathologies or previous ocular surgeries.

Continuous range of vision

Patients can lead an active lifestyle independent of spectacles. ELON delivers high-quality vision for far and intermediate distances. Glasses may be required for near vision.

Technical specifications
Description & Technical Specs

Medicontur Bi-Flex ELON


Single piece, sterile, foldable aspheric hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lens (IOL) with UV blocker and blue light filter. The optic is EDOF. The IOL is available as part of a preloaded injector system.

Power range

Standard: +8.0 D → +30.0 D (0.5 D steps)

Extreme: +31.0 D → +35.0 D (1.0 D steps)

Hydrophobic acrylic with UV blocker and blue light filter

Refractive Index: 1.47

Abbe Number: 58


Optic Diameter: 6mm

Overall Diameter: 13mm

Optic Design: Aspheric – Aberration Neutral Biconvex (+8.0 D → +35.0 D)

Nominal A-constant: 118.9

EDOF Zone: Refraction-based central Wavefront Linking zones

Haptic Design: Posterior vaulting fenestrated C-loops with 0° angulation

PCO Prevention: 360° sharp edge

Shelf Life: 2.5 years after sterilisation


Estimated Incision Size: 2.2mm

Compatible injector: POB-MA single use | Pre-loaded injector


SRK/T A-Constant: A = 118.9

Haigis: a0 = 1.32 | a1 = 0.4 | a2 = 0.1

Hoffer Q: pACD = 5.46

Holladay I: SF = 1.7

Barrett Universal II: LF = 1.83

Holladay II: ACD = 5.49 | SF = 1.73