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Correct refractive errors and deliver exceptional vision with our selection of high-end phakic intraocular lenses (IOLs)

What are phakic IOLs used for?

A phakic IOL is a type of lens that is implanted into the eye to correct refractive errors in patients with myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia and astigmatism. Unlike traditional IOLs, which are used to replace the eye’s natural lens, phakic IOLs are implanted in front of the natural lens.

A Greek term referring to the fact that the eye’s natural lens is still present, ‘phakic’ IOLs work by adding an extra lens to the eye, typically either between the cornea and the iris, or just behind the iris. This then allows light to focus onto the retina properly, helping correct refractive errors and improve vision. 

For this reason, phakic IOLs are also recommended as an alternative to laser refractive surgeries, such as LASIK, SMILE and surface laser treatments like PRK.

Discover our range of phakic IOLs

With proven long-term safety results and stability, our range of phakic IOLs has revolutionised the world of vision correction surgery, providing patients with high-quality vision that either reduces or eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses. 


A customised refractive solution for treating conditions like myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism, the IPCL is the most modern and innovative phakic posterior chamber lens available on the market. Offering excellent optical quality and high refractive stability, this lens is the ideal choice for patients who are highly myopic, and unsuitable for laser correction or presbyopic.  

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IPCL V2 Presbyopic Lens

Eliminate the need for reading glasses in patients aged over 40 with the IPCL V2 Presbyopic Lens. Customisable to your patient’s individual lifestyle and visual requirements, the lens’ patented design uses a diffractive platform to provide excellent near, intermediate and distance vision and offers a safe solution for presbyopia with the additional option of correcting astigmatism. 

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Medicontur AddOn® 

The Medicontur AddOn® represents a milestone in functional patient care – a refractive surgery platform designed to fine-tune the vision enhancement of pseudophakic eyes.

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Features and benefits of our phakic IOLs 

At Spectrum, we are committed to bringing greater vision to everyone by providing you with access to only the highest quality, safest and most effective phakic IOLs currently available. 

For this reason, our phakic IOLs offer a number of important benefits to patients: 

  • Fully reversible – treating your patients with phakic IOLs is fully reversible so offers an effective alternative to other types of non-reversible eye corrective procedures.
  • Laser surgery alternative – phakic IOLs offer long-term safety and stability and are an ideal solution for younger patients who are unsuitable for laser correction procedures. 
  • Fast recovery times – the ease of implantation of using an IPCL V2 lens not only leads to faster recovery times but also high levels of patient satisfaction
  • No dry eye concerns – each of our phakic IOLs is designed to provide patients with maximal visibility while also eliminating any concerns of dry eye after the procedure.

Designed to effectively treat common eye conditions like myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism, our phakic IOLs also reduce the dependency of patients to use glasses or contact lenses, helping them perform day-to-day tasks more easily.  

Expert-led quality assurance

As specialists in sourcing and bringing the best phakic IOLs to market, our team deliver ophthalmic solutions that give everyone access to the vision they deserve. 

Working with a variety of specialist brands and manufacturers, each of the phakic IOLs we offer is recommended based on two key elements: their overall level of quality and the stringent safety standards they have to meet. 

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Trust Spectrum: The UK’s leading independent ophthalmic solution provider

Through over three decades’ worth of experience, we can identify the right ophthalmic solutions to meet your patient’s growing demands.

We offer a comprehensive range of IOLs, including monofocal, toric, EDoF and multifocal, to help your patients improve not only the clarity of their vision but also their overall quality of life. 

Our bespoke phakic IOLs can support you in the treatment of a wide variety of eye-related issues, including myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism. To learn more about how we can help deliver effective treatment solutions to your patients, please get in touch.