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Ophtec Precizon® IOLs

The Ophtec Precizon family of aspherical IOLs includes Monofocal, Toric, Presbyopic and Presbyopic Toric IOLs. The lenses are manufactured from hybrid hydrophobic and hydrophilic monomers.

All Precizon IOLs are designed with Continuous Transitional Focus (CTF) technology where a multiple segments optic on the anterior surface achieves a smooth transition from far to near focus. This transition offers a constant defocus between the two sharp focal points, delivering excellent intermediate vision.

Precizon Monofocal IOLs have offset shaped haptics. This shape enables the lens to adhere to the posterior capsule, to prevent early postoperative rotation and to reduce PCO.

Precizon Toric IOLs are aberration neutral. Patented Transitional Conic Toric (TCT) surface blends into the aspheric surface of all meridians, leading to a broader toric surface. This keeps the toric surface in alignment with the patient’s astigmatism even when slightly misaligned.

Precizon Presbyopic uses two patented technologies in its optic. The first is transitional conic toric (TCT) technology which makes the lens more forgiving to decentration during surgery with less loss of quality of vision. The second is continuous transitional focus (CTF) technology which offers patients a full range of vision from near to infinity with a smooth continuous transition.