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HOYA multiSert IOLs (Intraocular Lenses)

Hoya multiSert IOLs (intraocular lenses) offers all surgeons, regardless of the technique they use, a high level of control to deliver IOLs with consistency and predictability. In addition, the multiSert preloaded injectors’ uniquely designed adjustable insert shield allows for precise management of the depth of the injector tip.

When using the multiSert preloaded injector in push mode, you need only one hand for implantation, freeing the other hand to stabilise the eye with a spatula for paracentesis. With the two-handed screw technique, you can stabilise the injector with one hand while you control the speed and pressure with the other hand.

The use of the insert shield increases the versatility of the multiSert preloaded injector. Some surgeons prefer a wound-assist implantation technique and do not want to go deep into the eye. Others want to be sure they hit the capsular bag in one step. Either technique is possible with the multiSert preloaded injector.