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HOYA Vivinex™ IOLS (Intraocular Lenses)

Hoya Vivinex IOLs are made from a novel hydrophobic acrylic, using a proprietary manufacturing process that includes a unique, active oxygen posterior surface treatment.

Combined with its square edge design and smooth, regular IOL surface, it has been demonstrated to provide a low incidence of PCO in several studies.  Vivinex also improves image quality and reduces coma compared with other traditional negative aspheric IOLs due to its proprietary aspheric design. The Vivinex provides 0.18 microns of negative asphericity to partially correct the positive aberrations of the cornea while maintaining the visual quality of a wider visual field. It is also designed to be more tolerant to coma. Overall, Vivinex IOLs are a popular choice among cataract surgeons due to their advanced optical properties and durability.