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Hoya Vivinex™ iSert®

The glistening-free hydrophobic Vivinex IOL preloaded in the proven Vivinex iSert injector provides unprecedented clarity of vision
Fully preloaded 100% hydrophobic aspheric 1 piece IOL
Simple and easy implantation into the capsular bag
MICS 2.0mm incision
Glistening-free hydrophobic acrylic IOL material1,3
Proprietary aspheric optic design for improved image quality5
Active oxygen processing treatment and sharp optic edge to reduce PCO1

Glistening-free hydrophobic

Acrylic IOL material, in a pre-loaded injector

Proprietary aspheric optic design

Improved image quality

Active oxygen processing treatment

Sharp optic edge to reduce PCO

Technical specifications
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Description & Technical Specs

Preloaded, Monoblock, Aspheric, UV-absorbing IOL (XC1)

Optic material Hydrophobic acrylic Vivinex™ with UV-Filter (Model XC1)
Optic design Aspheric Design with sharp textured optic edge
Haptic design Textured-rough haptic surface
Haptic material Hydrophobic acrylic Vivinex™ with UV-Filter (Model XC1)
Diameter (optic/OAL) 6.00 mm / 13.00 mm
Power +6.00 to +30.00 D (in 0.50 D increments)
Injector Vivinex™ iSert® preloaded
Nominal A-Constant 118.9
Front injector tip outer diameter 1.70 mm
Optimized constants Haigis a0 = -0.8394 a1 = 0.2023a2 = 0.2272
Hoffer Q pACD = 5.7058
Holladay 1 sf = 1.9432
SRK/T A = 119.219

The A-constant is presented as a starting point for the lens power calculation. When calculating the exact lens power, it is recommended that calculations be performed individually, based on the equipment used and operating surgeon’s own experience.

Optimized Optical constants Source: https://iolcon.org Calculated from 910 clinical results based on caucasian patient as of August 22, 2019