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Extended Depth-of-Focus Intraocular Lenses (EDoF IOLs)

Deliver exceptional vision correction to patients with our state-of-the-art extended depth-of-focus intraocular lenses (EDoF IOLs).

Discover our range of EDoF IOLs

At Spectrum, our high-end EDoF IOLs can support patients with correcting a variety of eye-related issues and disorders, including cataracts, presbyopia and astigmatism. 

Medicontur Bi-Flex ELON

Produced by Medicontur, Bi-Flex ELON is a groundbreaking solution designed to minimise optical disturbances and elevate patient outcomes. 

Available for loading using Medicontur’s fully preloaded hydrophobic injection system, the ELON lens provides high-quality vision empowered by a specialist form of non-diffractive technology, known as Wavefront Linking. 

This technology incorporates central concentric refractive zones with varying curvatures, seamlessly linking them together using specially designed areas. This then allows light energy to be continuously distributed along the optical axis with connected focal points, delivering clearer intermediate and distance vision for patients with the addition of functional reading vision. 

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Medicontur Bi-Flex ELON Toric

Offering all the same benefits as its Bi-Flex ELON counterpart, the Bi-Flex ELON Toric is specifically designed to minimise optical disturbances in patients with astigmatism. 

Equipped with Medicontur’s proprietary Bi-Flex design, this EDoF IOL offers long-term stability and visual comfort thanks to the large contact angle between the lens haptics and the capsular bag wall. 

This added level of comfort, coupled with an extended depth of focus, is particularly beneficial to astigmatic patients who lead active lifestyles, minimising the risk of positive dysphotopsia visionary issues like glares, light flashes or haloes. 

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Features & benefits of our EDoF IOLs range

Our range of EDoF IOLs is characterised by a wide variety of features and benefits that have been specifically designed to enhance patient outcomes:

  • Wavefront Linking technology: this non-diffractive technology sets the standard for high-performance lenses, helping deliver optimal patient visual outcomes.
  • Bi-Flex design: Medicontur’s Bi-Flex platform offers added flexibility and can cater to a diverse range of patient visual requirements, disorders and issues. 
  • Hydrophobic resilience: each of our EDoF IOLs is crafted from hydrophobic materials to not only remain clear in a variety of environmental conditions but also stay comfortable for longer.
  • Seamless vision transition: by avoiding the added interruption of diffractive rings, patients can enjoy continuous vision across a range of distances, offering an improved postoperative experience.
  • Visual prowess: our EDoF IOLs provide patients with excellent visual quality and are associated with a reduced risk of the disturbances often associated with other solutions. 
  • Presbyopia correction: our lenses go beyond standard correction, with preliminary clinical experience showing they can help correct presbyopia in patients with mild ocular pathologies.

Expert-led quality assurance

As specialists in finding, developing and bringing the best ophthalmic products to market for almost four decades, our team understand the importance of quality assurance in ophthalmic care. 

That’s why we only recommend EDoF IOLs that have undergone stringent quality control measures, ensuring that each lens we provide not only meets the highest standards of safety but exceeds them. 

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At Spectrum, there are four key areas which shape our core values. 

  • Agility – we strive for solutions and aim to always ensure your needs are being met
  • Care – we cherish our world and will always follow sustainable ways of working 
  • Integrity – we are based on trust and remain respectful in everything we do 
  • Excellence – we aim to improve patient outcomes by delivering better healthcare for all 

By keeping these values at the heart of what we do, our team have provided a huge variety of high-quality healthcare products to patients throughout Europe, working closely with manufacturers and clinics, as well as patients themselves, to bring greater vision to everyone, everywhere. 

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