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Medicontur Liberty IOL

The most balanced Trifocal IOL for complete spectacle independence. With 7 rings for superior contrast sensitivity.
The most balanced Trifocal IOL

Medicontur Liberty equates to spectacle independence without the compromise of reduced image quality or visual acuity at near and far distances. Clinical evidence shows excellent far, near and good intermediate vision

Elevated Phase Shift * (EPS) technology uses only 7 rings within a 3 mm diameter, leaving 75% of the IOL optic refractive.

Less Diffractive Steps

The difference in light scattering and energy loss of the Liberty IOL improves vision by:

  • Higher Contrast Sensitivity
  • Less Halos & Glare

Liberty 7 step diffractive

7 steps to Trifocal perfection

Medicontur Liberty provides the highest light distribution:

1) AT NEAR in photopic conditions

2) AT FAR in scotopic conditions

3) Leaving an optimal amount of light energy for INTERMEDIATE vision.

Technical specifications
Description & Technical Specs
Medicontur Liberty 677MY / 677PMY Technical Specification
Single-piece hydrophilic intraocular lens for implantation into the capsular bag.
25% water content with UV absorber + blue light filter; Refractive Index 1.46; ABBE number 58.
Optic design
Biconvex, aspheric, diffractive-refractive, apodized.
Powers available*
+8.00 D +35.00 D (increment: 0.50 D)
Diffractive zone
EPS technology**, anterior surface, Ø 3.0 mm
+3.50 D (near); +1.75 D (intermediate)
118.9 (SRK/T)
Overall length 13.0 mm; optic Ø 6.0 mm
PCO protection
360° Special Square Edge (patented)
Haptic angulation
0° – asymmetrical design with posterior vaulting
Steam (shelf life 5 years after sterilisation)
Storage conditions
at +15 °C – +35 °C (15% – 50% humidity)
Single use injection system

* Other powers upon request
** Patent pending
*** It is recommended that surgeons personalise the constants they use.