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Transform your patients’ vision after lens surgery at near, intermediate and distances thanks to our range of trifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs)

When are trifocal IOLs recommended?

Trifocal IOLs are an advanced type of implant designed to address presbyopia after lens surgery. 

Using advanced optical technology to split light into multiple focal points, clinical research has shown that using trifocal IOLs can improve vision at varying distancesٰ simultaneously – whether it be near, intermediate or far.  

Trifocal IOLs provide clearer vision during day-to-day tasks like reading, using a computer or viewing things from a distance, and are mainly recommended to patients who live very active lifestyles looking to become independent of their glasses. 

Discover our range of trifocal IOLs

At Spectrum, we offer a huge selection of trifocal IOLs to provide clear vision at varying distances after cataract or lens replacement surgery. 

Working with recognised manufacturers from around the globe, such as HOYA, Medicontur and Ophtec, our trifocal IOLs can provide your patients with visual independence, restoring not just their vision but their quality of life as well. 

Features & benefits of our trifocal IOLs

As specialists in finding, developing and bringing the best trifocal IOLs to market, our trifocal IOLs are specifically chosen to harness the latest technological advances in terms of both design and functionality. 

Our trifocal IOLs offer: 

  • Complete vision correction: due to their ability to correct vision at multiple distances, trifocal IOLs provide a comprehensive solution for a variety of day-to-day activities, improving the quality of life for patients.
  • Spectacle independence: when specifically tailored to address presbyopia, trifocal IOLs can significantly reduce patient dependence on reading glasses, offering greater freedom and convenience while performing daily tasks.
  • Reduced visual disturbances: by improving visual factors like contrast sensitivity and disturbances like halos and glares, trifocal IOLs can greatly improve patient vision, even in more challenging lighting conditions.
  • Smooth focal point transition: the premium design of trifocal IOLs ensures a smooth transition between near, intermediate and distance vision, making the visual experience a more natural and comforting feeling for patients.

At Spectrum, we strive to bring greater vision to everyone, by offering healthcare professionals access to only the highest quality trifocal IOLs for their patients. 

Expert-led quality assurance

Having introduced several high-end brands and premium ophthalmic products to the European market, our team recognise the importance of quality assurance in eye care. 

This is why we only recommend trifocal IOLs that have undergone rigorous quality control measures, in order to guarantee that every type of ophthalmic product we offer both meets and exceeds even the most stringent of safety standards. 

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Trust Spectrum: the UK’s leading independent ophthalmic solution provider

Our team at Spectrum have built a reputation for delivering superior quality across all the ophthalmic solutions we recommend to healthcare providers, including our trifocal IOLs.

The combination of our almost four decades’ worth of experience and our unwavering dedication to premium solutions not only makes us the ideal partner but also helps us fulfil our ambition to provide everyone with access to the vision they deserve. 

To find out more about our comprehensive range of trifocal IOLs, or to discover our whole portfolio of IOL products, either get in touch with our team or visit this dedicated page