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IPCL Presbyopic lens

IPCL V2 Presbyopic

  • A solution for your young presbyopic patients who would like to be spectacle free
  • Customised calculation and support for you and your patient
  • The lens has a patented refractive-diffractive trifocal design, ensuring good vision at far, intermediate and near
  • The choice of different near-vision additions based on the accommodation capacity of the crystalline lens and patient age is possible
  • Add for Presbyopia up to +4D
  • Easy to implant
  • Fast recovery
The first available Presbyopic Implantable Phakic Contact Lens

Revolutionizing the standards for Presbyopic treatments

IPCL offers the widest range

Customising from -30 to +15D with cylinder correction up to 10D and a presbyopic add of 4D

Easily inserted through a 2.8mm incision

Simple to use disposable injector

Technical specifications
Description & Technical Specs

After approximately 40 years of age, most people find it increasingly difficult to see the near objects. This condition is known as Presbyopia and is a normal part of ageing. It develops as the lens of the eye becomes less flexible. Presbyopia should not be confused with by hyperopia or farsightedness, which is related to the size of eyeball.

The Presbyopic IPCL uses a diffractive platform with a patented design that is capable of reducing a significant amount of loss of light, glares and haloes. The first of its kind and highly recommended by eyecare professionals as a piggyback lens for pseudophakic patients. It provides superior vision for myopic and hyperopic patients with refractive correction ranging from +15D to -30D. Reading additions varies from +1.50D to +3.00D.

The Presbyopic IPCL Implantation is a procedure that ensures a hassle-free life, eliminating the need to use reading glasses after 40 years of age.