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IPCL V2 Presbyopic Lens

For Presbyopic patients aged between 40 – 60.

The patented refractive-diffractive trifocal design ensures good vision at far, intermediate and near distances.

The bespoke solution

IPCL Presbyopic eliminates the need for reading glasses after 40 years of age. Revolutionising the standards for Presbyopic treatments, IPCL is the only phakic lens that can be customised for your patients’ lifestyle and visual needs.

Excellent light distribution

The patented design uses a diffractive platform. This ensures excellent light distribution of 50% distance, 30% near and 20% intermediate, with only 8% light loss due to apodisation.

Wide range of additions

IPCL offers a tailored presbyopia solution giving you the ability to select the additions based on your patient’s current and future needs. Astigmatism correction can also be added with the IPCL Presbyopic Toric.

Tick icon Extensive correction range

+15D to -30D with Cylinder up to +10D and a presbyopic add of +1.5D to +4D.

Toric icon Smart Toric

Always implanted on the 0°-180° axis, no rotation is required.

Customisation icon Full Customisation

Truly the most ‘personalised’ phakic implant in the world.

Smooth and controlled implantation

IPCL’s user-friendly, single-use disposable injector ensures a short learning curve for lens preparation and loading.

2.8mm incision and simple loading

Implantable through a 2.8 mm incision with no special instruments necessary. A phakic lens manipulator is all that is needed.


IPCL’s specially engineered spring haptic pads provide more accurate white-to-white sizing. Angled optic haptics ensure optimal distance (vaulting) from the natural lens.

Porcine free

Advanced Hybrid Hydrophilic acrylic biocompatible material delivers stable performance with proven long-term safety results.

Surgeon benefits:
  • Retains corneal asphericity
  • Range +15D to -30D with Cylinder up to +10D and a presbyopic add of +1.5D to +4D.
  • Ideal for patients who are unsuitable for Lasik or Lasek
  • Central hole to improve aqueous humour flow
  • High patient satisfaction levels
  • Customised calculation and support for you and your patient
Patient benefits:
  • Improved quality of vision
  • Freedom from reading glasses
  • Short procedure time
  • Fast recovery
  • No dry eye
  • Reversible
Technical specifications
Description & Technical Specs

Only IPCL offer this…

Smart toric
Cylinder range: 0.5 to 10 D. The axis position is always individually designed.
Diffractive-refractive trifocal optic
Choice of near vision additions +1.5 D to +4 D in 0.5 D steps.
Diopter range:
+15 D to -30 D. Cylinder 0.5 to 10 D
Six Haptics
Provide rotational stability.
Spring haptics
Specially engineered spring haptics provide flexibility and reduce vaulting in case of excessive tension in the sulcus.
Openings at the upper optic rim and the haptic base for even better aqueous humour flow.
Central opening
The central opening is conical on all IPCL Myopic models: (Hyperopic up to +3.5 D SE) the diameter on the posterior surface is larger than on the anterior surface. This reduces light reflections and optimises the aqueous humour flow.
Extensive range of sizes:
11.00mm – 14.00mm in 0.25mm steps.
Adjustable optic diameters
Individually adjustable optic diameters between 6.6 and 7.25mm.
Back up lens
Always provided for you!
Easy loading
Implantable through 2.8mm.