HOYA IOLS (Intraocular Lenses)

Deliver pinpoint precision to your patients’ vision with our selection of HOYA intraocular lenses (IOLs).

When are HOYA IOLs recommended?

With over eight decades of experience, HOYA Surgical Optics is a division of HOYA Corporation – a global technology company renowned for quality, trust, dedication and attention to detail. 

Based in Japan, HOYA produces a range of intraocular lenses (IOLs) to restore vision and improve the quality of life for millions of people suffering from cataracts. 

Recognised for their safety, reliability and ease of use, HOYA IOLs set the standard in corrective lenses, seamlessly restoring sight and allowing patients to experience a more vibrant new world. 

Discover our range of HOYA IOLs

Spectrum has a wide variety of HOYA IOLs available to meet a diverse range of patient requirements and conditions. Each of our solutions is specifically chosen based on their precision, high-end design and ability to cater to your patient’s specific visual needs. 


Introducing HOYA Vivinex Lenses – a breakthrough in hydrophobic acrylic IOLs specifically designed to deliver superior outcomes for cataract patients. 

These lenses improve image quality and reduce comatic aberration compared with other traditional negative aspheric IOLs.

With a unique active oxygen treatment and square edge design, choose HOYA VivinexTM IOLs for their advanced optical properties, glistening-free material and ability to provide a greater depth of vision. 

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HOYA multiSertTM injectors 

Elevate your patients’ experience with HOYA multiSertTM injectors – the go-to choice for surgeons aiming for optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Designed to deliver a consistent delivery, the HOYA preloaded injector system has been specifically created for ease of use. 

Whether using a one-handed push technique or a two-handed screw technique, you can also enjoy unparalleled control during implantation thanks to the injector’s insert shield, specifically designed to provide a flexible and versatile delivery.

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With its proven hydrophobic acrylic lens material and over ten million units implanted worldwide, the HOYA Nanex makes the ideal choice for forward-thinking healthcare providers. 

Experience significant PCO with HOYA’s proprietary active oxygen processing treatment to the posterior surface of the IOL. Benefit from the multisert+ preloaded system offering controlled insertion through a sub 2.2mm incision.

Redefine expectations with our range of HOYA NanexTM IOLs by enhancing patient outcomes through precision and efficiency.

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Features and benefits of our HOYA IOLs

At Spectrum, we specialise in sourcing and bringing only the best IOLs to market. So, we know HOYA is a brand you can trust. Our range of HOYA IOLs has been specifically chosen to harness the latest technological advances in design and functionality. 

Our HOYA IOLs offer: 

  • Customised vision correction: HOYA IOLs provide a tailored solution that can address near, intermediate and distance vision, offering comprehensive visual improvement to your patients. 
  • Hydrophobic clarity: The glistening-free hydrophobic material ensures clarity and comfort – two prerequisites for elevating patients’ quality of life. 
  • Rotational stability: Specific to toric IOLs, the rotational stability that these types of IOLs offer can precisely correct astigmatism and restore vision to its best. 
  • State-of-the-art designed preloaded injector systems: With quality often associated with the Japanese brand, HOYA specifically designed the preloaded injector systems to provide reliable, controlled delivery for micro incisional cataract surgery. 

At Spectrum, we are motivated by the idea of bringing greater vision to everyone. Through this commitment, we only provide healthcare professionals with access to the highest quality IOLs for their patients, such as our state-of-the-art range of solutions from HOYA. 

Expert-led quality assurance

At Spectrum, we understand the critical importance of quality assurance in eye care. That’s why all the HOYA IOLs we recommend have undergone rigorous quality control measures, guaranteeing that they have met and exceeded the most stringent safety standards.

Through our experience, you can have 100% trust in our expert-led quality assurance. Our dedication supports you in providing the best outcomes for your patients.

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Thanks to our ongoing commitment to providing superior vision for everyone, we have earned a reputation as the UK’s leading independent ophthalmic solution provider, delivering superior quality across our range of recommended solutions. 

With nearly four decades of experience, we remain dedicated to this goal, providing healthcare professionals with access to the highest-quality IOLs from around the globe.

To learn more about our comprehensive range of HOYA IOLs or to explore our entire IOL product portfolio, please get in touch or visit our dedicated IOLs product range page