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HOYA Vivinex Gemetric XY1-G

The preloaded trifocal IOL designed to provide a full range of vision in all light conditions.
Preloaded trifocal IOL
Excellent vision at all distances
Performs in all light conditions
HOYA Vivinex Gemetric XY1-G

HOYA Vivinex™ Gemetric™ IOL is a glistening-free hydrophobic trifocal IOL with proprietary aspheric optic, designed to provide excellent distance vision and well-balanced intermediate and near vision.

Push and screw mode with ability to control insertion depth. Vivinex™ multiSert™ is a 4-in-1 delivery system that allows you to achieve outstanding delivery consistency with your choice of injection and insertion style.

"The balance between the Vivinex™ Gemetric™ and the Vivinex™ Gemetric™ Plus gives a very smooth transition from far to intermediate to near vision."

Erik L. Mertens, MD, FEBO, FWCRS, PCEO, Medical Director, Medipolis-Antwerp Private Clinic, Antwerp, Belgium

"I think HOYA Surgical Optics has got it right and is a notch above other companies. With full range of vision IOLs available in two designs, the Vivinex™ Gemetric™ and Vivinex™ Gemetric™ Plus, have different light distributions weighted to either distance or near vision."

Dylan A. Joseph, MBChB, Dip(Ophth), FC Ophth, MMEd, Vision for Life Clinic, South Africa
Built on the Vivinex™ Platform
  • Glistening-free hydrophobic acrylic IOL material
  • Proprietary aspheric optic design for improved image quality
  • Active oxygen processing treatment, a smooth surface and square optic edge to reduce PCO
  • Textured-rough haptic surface for better grip inside the capsular bag and designed to reduce the potential for adhesion to the optic surface
  • Reliable outcomes through outstanding rotational stability
  • Textured-rough haptic surface
  • 3.2 mm diffractive zone (on anterior surface)
  • Thin & textured optic edge
  • Axis orientation marks (on posterior surface)
  • Aspheric design
  • Square posterior optic edge
Technical specifications
Description & Technical Specs

HOYA Vivinex™ Gemetric™ XY1-G

Optic design
Biconvex with thin textured optic edge
Anterior: Aspheric diffractive/refractive design
Optic & haptic materials
Hydrophobic acrylic Vivinex™ with UV- and blue light filter
Haptic design
Textured-rough haptic surface
Diameter (optic/OAL)
6.00 mm / 13.00 mm
IOL Power (spherical equivalent)
+10.00 D to +30.00 D in increments of 0.50 D
Add power at IOL plane
Intermediate: +1.75 D
Near: +3.50 D
Nominal A-constant**
Front injector tip outer diameter
1.70 mm
Recommended incision size
2.20 mm

Yes. Pairing of Vivinex™ Gemetric™/ Gemetric™ Plus IOLS may maximise benefits for patients.

Yes. All lenses in the Vivinex Gemetric IOL Trifocal family have a near add of 3.50 D and an intermediate add of 1.75 D.

T2 | IOL plane 1.00 D | Corneal plane 0.69 D

T3 | IOL plane 1.50 D | Corneal plane 1.04 D

T4 | IOL plane 2.25 D | Corneal plane 1.56 D

T5 | IOL plane 3.00 D | Corneal plane 2.08 D

T6 | IOL plane 3.75 D | Corneal plane 2.60 D

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