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Medicontur IOLs (Intraocular Lenses)

  • Medicontur is a front-runner in the fast-paced ophthalmic industry and has a proven track record of developing innovative materials, designs and optics aimed to improve the visual experience of patients.Medicontur’s investment in Research & Development and Quality Assurance has resulted in a continuous flow of improvement and new products, enabling Medicontur to meet its aim to offer high-performing, safe and reliable intraocular lenses (IOLs). 

    Medicontur has the ambition to be recognised globally as a premium and patient-focused IOL company, consisting of a strong network of professional partners.

    Medicontur’s Liberty, SML and 1stQ AddOn range are made from high-quality copolymers of hydrophobic and hydrophilic monomers with 25% water content. The recently launched Medicontur ELON Bi-Flex is manufactured from a long-time proven SEMTE hydrophobic copolymer material, ensuring high uveal biocompatibility and low levels of glistening. This IOL benefits from the patented Bi-Flex platform design providing ultimate centration and long-term stability. Available in a preloaded version!

    Medicontur IOL product range: