Medicontur FlexVet IOL

Canine intraocular implants.

FlexVet IOLs are available in three sizes for adaptation to the capsular bag.
Optic quality and improved safety

FlexVet IOLs are manufactured from a long-time proven 25% hydrophilic copolymer material, optimally combining hydrophilic and hydrophobic monomers for:

  • controlling inflammation
  • low risk of fibrin reaction
  • easy folding and implantation
Optic quality

FlexVet IOLs material offers permanent optic quality as a result of:

  • unequalled transparency
  • optimal refraction power of 42 D, minimising the risk of under correction
Improved safety

FlexVet IOLs material offers improved safety with:

  • optimised biocompatibility
  • low ionicity surface for minimised rates of cells adhesion
0° angulation of haptics
  • for a pressure free ciliary area, reducing the risk of glaucoma
  • easily remove all viscoelastic gel from behind the IOL after surgery
  • improve refraction stability
Large contact angle

Long-term stability and ultimate centration with a specific design offering a large contact angle and adequate haptics resistance.

FlexVet IOLs platform design
  • for reproducible centration of the IOL
  • for axial, radial and rotational stability
  • for adaptation to different shapes and sizes of capsular bags.