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Preloaded IOLs

Preloaded intraocular lens (IOL) insertion systems are single-use disposable devices, which offer the advantage of requiring small wound size, reduced optic diameter, and are associated with less risk of postoperative endophthalmitis. 

The benefits of a good preloaded IOL injection system are several. Preloaded IOLs enable consistent, predictable, and controlled insertion with minimal incision size. They also eliminate the need for the postoperative cleaning and sterilisation associated with reusable systems. Finally, they save time in the operating room and eliminate handling and misloading of the IOL that can occur with a manual tucking mechanism.

IOL delivery with preloaded systems is timesaving and holds the potential to increase cataract throughput and drive clinical efficiencies.

Preloaded IOLs are available in Monofocal and Premium IOL ranges from manufacturers including HOYA, Ophtec and Medicontur.