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Through intensive research and by collecting opinions from leading ophthalmologists, KAI MEDICAL has been developing an extensive range of Microsurgery Knives for ophthalmic surgeries for more than 40 years. The wide range of knives for cataract and glaucoma surgery, with an outstanding variety of different blade types and sizes, meets the needs surgeons may have. The ultra-sharp blades created through a chemical etching process reduce resistance during surgery and contribute to post-surgical wound healing.

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KAI MEDICAL is a manufacturer of high-quality cutting tools in the fields of dermatology and ophthalmology. With its production facility located in Seki City, Gifu, a city with an ancient history in Japanese sword manufacturing, Kai has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing cutlery tools.

Products by KAI MEDICAL are known worldwide for their excellent quality, extreme sharpness and user-friendly design. Meeting the extremely strict quality standards for medical devices, KAI MEDICAL is constantly improving the quality of its products. This has made KAI MEDICAL one of the best-known manufacturers of medical cutting devices for more than 40 years.