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PeHa Visco HPMC

Easy to extract by vacuum
Isotonic solution
Free from preservatives
Easy to inject
No inflammatory or immunological reactions
Single-use or multipack*
No refrigeration needed

* Sterile single-use syringe with 2.0 ml solution and single-use injection cannula, Luer-Lock adapter.

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A high quality visco elastic substance

Based on HPMC for intraocular application

Available in 2 different concentrations

(2.0 and 2.4) and pack sizes

Sterile single use syringes with 2.0ml solution

Single use Luer Lock injection cannula are included

Technical specifications
Description & Technical Specs

Pe-Ha-Visco® is a high-quality viscoelastic substance based on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose for intraocular application. Pe-Ha-Visco® is used to replace the aqueous humour during intraocular procedures. As an essential excipient for ophthalmological procedures, the product ensures that the anterior chamber remains stable. Pe-Ha-Visco® is available in two different concentrations and pack sizes.