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Pe-Ha Visco®


Pe-Ha-Visco is a superior viscoelastic solution based on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose for intraocular use.

High-quality viscoelastic

Viscoelastic is a key component for successful eye operations. ALBOMED® proven products provide surgeons with reliable and efficient support at all stages of the procedure.  Pe-Ha Visco® enables you to concentrate on what’s most important: your patients!

Pe-Ha Visco® is a high-quality viscoelastic substance based on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose for intraocular application.

Available in two different concentrations and pack sizes, Pe-Ha Visco® is used to replace the aqueous humour during intraocular procedures.

As an essential excipient for ophthalmological procedures, the product ensures that the anterior chamber remains stable.

  • Easy to remove
  • Isotonic solution
  • No preservatives
  • Easy to inject
  • No inflammatory or immunological reactions
  • Sterile (by steam)
  • Single or bulk (box of 10 units) packaging*
  • CE certified

* Sterile single-use syringe with 2.0 ml solution and single-use injection cannula, Luer-Lock adapter.

Pe-Ha Visco®

ALBOMED® GmbH has extensive expertise and more than twenty five years of experience in the development, manufacturing and distribution of viscoelastic substances for medical use.

Technical specifications
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Description & Technical Specs

Pe-Ha-Visco® Specification

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
2.0 %
Viscosity* [mPas]
approx. 4 000 – 5 000 approx. 6 000 – 8 000
Osmolality [mOsm/kg]
270 – 400 270 – 400
6.8 – 7.5 6.8 – 7.5
Volume [ml]
2.0 2.0
Shelf life [months]
60 60

* after steam sterilisation

Composition [1 ml]

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
20.000 mg 24.000 mg
Sodium chloride
6.400 mg 6.400 mg
Potassium chloride
0.750 mg 0.750 mg
Calcium chloride 2 H₂O
0.480 mg 0.480 mg
Magnesium chloride 6 H₂O
0.300 mg 0.300 mg
Sodium acetate 3 H₂O
3.900 mg 3.900 mg
Sodium citrate 2H₂O
1.700 mg 1.700 mg
Water for injection
q.s. q.s.