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Pe-Ha-Luron F visco elastic

No refrigeration needed
Preserves the anterior eye chamber and the capsular sac
Supports a controlled capsulorhexis
Excellent protection of the endothelial cells
Easy to inject
Better adhesion to the endothelium during phacoemulsification
Excellent protection against mechanical forces

Superior viscoelastic solution based on biofermented sodium hyaluronate for intraocular use

Maintain the depth of the anterior chamber and protect the surrounding intraocular tissue

No refridgeration needed

Allowing easier storage and accessibility

A broad range of 5 different concentrations

Fulfills individual needs depending on surgical techniques and surgeon preference, in a 1ml syringe

Technical specifications
Description & Technical Specs

Description & Technical Specs

Pe-Ha-Luron® F is a high-quality viscoelastic substance based on bio-fermented sodium hyaluronate for intraocular application. As an essential excipient for ophthalmological procedures, the product ensures that the anterior chamber remains stable during the procedure and the surrounding tissue is protected. To ensure that the correct concentration is available for each individual surgical technique, we offer Pe-Ha-Luron® F in five different concentrations.