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NovyMed DOC

(Dynamic Operating Chair)

The DOC-chair is an electrically adjustable and mobile operating chair intended for ophthalmology, ENT and plastic surgery procedures.

The ultimate treatment system for your department.

This unique product is both an operating chair and table, developed specifically for day surgery.

The NovyMed DOC saves time, eliminates manual handling and the risk of back injury to clinical personnel.

It offers a very high level of patient comfort and can help reduce operating costs by improving efficiency.

The NovyMed DOC is suitable for ophthalmology, ENT, oral and plastic surgery.

By using multiple operating chairs, patients can effortlessly flow from the Day Surgery Unit to the operating theatre and back ensuring maximum utilisation of operating facilities.

Leading in terms of safety, the NovyMed DOC offers many advantages: allows pre op preparation, treatment and or surgery together with recovery.

The patient stays in the DOC during the whole procedure, from admission, surgery to recovery.



1. The DOC eliminates the necessity for an additional bed or stretcher, saving clinical time and reducing capital investment.

2. Transfer of the patient from a stretcher to the operating table becomes irrelevant.

3. This unique system creates clinical efficiencies of between 40-50% using multiple DOC operating chairs.

Technical specifications
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Description & Technical Specs

Weight capacity – dynamic max. 200 kg

Wheelbase – 80 x 55 cm

Height – 54 – 74 cm

Seat – 60 x 42 cm

Footrest – 60 x 65 cm

Backrest – 60 x 60 cm

Headrest – 14 x 20 cm

Armrests – 6,5 x 32 cm

Overall length – 165 cm excluding headrest

Wheels – ø 12,5 x 7 cm

Material – Powder-coated steel, RAL 9016

Number of memory positions – 5

Power supply – 2 x 24 V accu, 7 A

Braking system – Electromechanical

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