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Ophtec Precizon 560

Ophtec Precizon 560

Monofocal hydrophilic acrylic IOL designed for the correction of aphakia.
Ophtec Precizon 560
  • One-piece IOL
  • In-the-bag fixation
  • Aspherical & aberration free IOL
Mechanical haptic feature

The space between the inner haptic stays open with compression down to 9 mm. This opening allows a “fibrosis anchor”. This enhances IOL stability and reduces late post-op rotation of the lens.

Offset haptics reduce PCO

Ophtec Precizion 560 has offset shaped haptics. This enables the lens to adhere to the posterior capsule, and prevents early postoperative rotation to reduce PCO.


The Precizon 560 has an aspherical anterior side, resulting in an aberration-neutral IOL.

Technical specifications
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Description & Technical Specs

Ophtec Precizon 560

One-piece IOL, in-the-bag fixation
Optic Powers / Diopter range
-10.0 D to +0.0 D (Convex concave, 0.5 increments) +1.0 D to +35.0 D (Biconvex, 0.5 increments)
Lens Material
Hybrid hydrophobic & hydrophilic monomers. Ultraviolet filtering HEMA/EOEMA copolymer
Body Ø
6.0 mm | Biconvex
 Overall Ø
12.5 mm
 IOL spherical aberration
360° | 0 µm
Convex Concave
103.8 (SRK T)

1.67 (Barrett suite LF)

A-constant Biconvex
118.6 (SRK T)
118.7 (SRK II)
0.567 (Haigis aO)
0.123 (Haigis a1)
0.159 (Haigis a2)
5.27 (Hoffer-Q pACD)
1.53 (Holladay 1 sf)
1.67 (Barrett suite LF)
0 (Barrett suite DF)