The world’s first self-levelling corneal marker with pre-inked, sterile, disposable tips and an integrated fixation light.
RoboMarker® Axis alignment

The RoboMarker® System is the world’s first and only corneal marker engineered with with a concealed dual pendular weight system balanced between two high precision ball-bearings.

Accuracy to 1 degree!

Utilising a gravity-based system ensures that the RoboMarker® ring dial maintains your chosen axis to within one degree, allowing you to focus on marking the cornea rather than trying to keep your marking device level.

Lasting marks in 1 step!

MARK FAST TECHNOLOGY brings you marks that last in a single step with options for both visible and infrared spectrum platforms.

Integration fixation light

FIXED FOCUS TECHNOLOGY uses an integrated fixation light to position your patient’s eye appropriately.

Improve accuracy

In addition to an integrated fixation light which may help further reduce cyclotorsion error, the RoboMarker® axis dial has five degree increments.

Eliminate inefficiency

No more multi-step marking processes. The RoboMarker®’s dry formula last up to two hours and maintain clear, crisp lines. Save up to 5 minutes per case for a more efficient clinic.

Key benefits
  • Easy to use
  • One-step marking process for efficiency and accuracy
  • Self-levelling marker
  • Integrated fixation light
  • Pre-inked disposable tips
  • Intuitive to use
  • Infrared tips for FEMTO phakic
  • Accuracy to 1 degree!
RoboMarker® technique