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To be a sceptic or to be aseptic?

Toul Operio

Preventing airborne contamination is the key concept of the Toul Operio and SurgiCube technology. These products can play a key role in the prevention of spreading contamination in many specific healthcare settings.

A safer, particle free surgical environment is now more important than ever. The Toul Mobile can be used as part of the wider chain of aseptic preventive measures.

Creating an ultra-clean particle free zone of air between the patient and the clinician can create a safer and more controlled working procedure where close proximity situations are an unavoidable part of treatment. The correct use of the mobile product Toul Operio offers an instant clean air procedure area to protect your patient and your workforce from airborne contamination.

Please read the manufacturer letter below for further information on the Toul and Surgicube.

We are here to help you protect your patients and staff with practical and safer working solutions, please get in touch if the Toul Mobile is of interest on 01625 618816 or complete our enquiry form.

Be aseptic and stay safe, from all of us at Spectrum.

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